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If you are surfing on the Internet, looking at our beautiful, updated real estate listings, you can probably see the great potentail of advertising your property to a worldwide audience of over 50 million on the Internet.

TBS Realties is offering this great opportunity to advertise your property on the Internet to effectively reach potential buyers worldwide.

TBS Realties employs extensive marketing techniques to give maximum exposure to your property. If you want this for your property, you should let TBS Realities get you exposed! Here are a few reasons to promote your property with TBS Realties.


Local advertising cannot reach the many tourists or potential buyers who may want to live in Antigua, because the majority of the buyers do not even live on the island! TBS Realties' modern world wide web Marketing can reach all those potential buyers well before they arrive here, and may even convince them to come and buy here!


Local advertising in Antigua cannot begin to compare with the worldwide exposure you will get from your custom-made, full-color, full page, World Wide Web ad by TBS Realties! There are thousands of potential buyers viewing web pages on the Internet who could be interested in seeing and buying your property right now! The Internet may the only place that they would get an opportunity to see your listing!


The cost for advertising your real estate property with TBS Realties on the World Wide Web is nothing! Our World Wide Web Pages are made locally, and our cost is minimal and updates timely!

Local & Global Services

Your real estate listing with TBS Realties gives your property both local services, and custom-written, 24-hour-per-day, 7 days per week, World Wide Web exposure on the Internet!

Timely Updates

We develop our web pages locally, and update information frequently so that your property listing is current and accurate! We also shoot and scan our own pictures, write our own property discriptions, and offer custom animated slide shows! No other real estate office in Antigua does all this!

WWW Promotions!

TBS Realties' web server is linked to the major "search engines" for quick, easy access to your property's information. Your property's advertisement on this site can easily be found, accessed and seen by potential buyers who are looking for real estate in Antigua or in the Caribbean!


TBS Realties' site offers some of the more advanced features available on the internet. We offer a host of financial calculators to assist potential buyers in calculating mort- gages, loan qualification, cost of property they can afford, savings, retirement funds, and other important financial information. We offer potential buyers the ability to search a database of properties by a combination of features, including location, size, cost, number of bedrooms, services, etc. We also include slide shows of most properties to give potential buyers more details of the property.