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Residential Land located in Fitches Creek
Residential For Sale
Fitches Creek
$ 125,000
This parcel of land is located in Fitches Creek with an approximate area of 8321.95sq'.   Directions: Travel east on the Pigotts main road then turn left and travel north towards Fitches Creek. Just as you begin your approach to enter Fitches Creek turn right at Oleander Drive (there is a TBS Realties Inc. real estate sign here). Travel along this road then make the second left at the TBS Realties Inc. sign.  The land is at the end of this road adjacent and immediately after the house on your left.   
Size: 8321 sq ft
Residential Land for sale
Residential For Sale
Tottenham Court
$ 150,000
This parcel of land is a corner lot situated  just outside Jolly Harbor, in the housing development known as "Tottenham Court" thus having access to three streets. The parcel of land is approximately 0.3acre or 13068sq'.  It is close proximity to Jolly Beach, Epicurean Supermarket, Restaurants and the commercial business area in Jolly Harbor.  Directions: Travel along the road towards Jolly Harbor, turn off the main road as though you intend to go to Jolly Harbor.  Make the 1st left and travel along this road to the very end.  The parcel of land is on the corner at the end of this road on your right.  It's a "street to street" parcel of land.
Size: 13068 sq ft
Residential Land located in Cedar Valley
Residential For Sale
Cedar Valley
$ 227,000
This parcel of land is located in Cedar Valley and has an approximate size of 17,424sq'. Directions: When traveling east along the Cedar Valley Main Road, pass the Golf Course on your right. Continue traveling east then make the first right onto the concrete road.  Travel south to the end of the road and make a right, then the 1st left, and travel all the way to the end.  The parcel of land is situated on the hill side on your left.
Size: 17424 sq ft
Land Located on Bendals Main Road
Residential For Sale
Bendals Rd
$ 300,000
These two prime parcels of land when combined gives an approximate area 0.80 Acre/ 34,848 sq.ft. . These parcels of land are ideally located on the Bendals Main Rd. with an approximate Main Road frontage of approximately 110 feet. 
Size: 34848 sq ft
Residential Land for Sale In Willoughby Bay
Residential For Sale
Willoughby Bay
$ 326,700
Directions: Travel South on the Piccadilly Main Road.  Make the left turn at the old "Hide Out Restaurant & Bar".  Travel along this road until you arrive at the parcel of land on your left with a TBS Real Estate sign located thereon.
Size: 21780 sq ft
Residential Land For Sale
Residential For Sale
Marble Hill
$ 337,000
This manicured parcel of land is fenced and is located in Marble Hill with an approximate land area of 0.46acre/20,037sq.ft. The parcel of land is rectangular in shape. 
Size: 20037 sq ft
Land Located at Galley Bay Heights
Residential For Sale
Galley Bay Heights
$ 720,000
This scenic parcel is on top of the hill with dynamic views. The approximate land area is 0.7Acre/ 30,492sq. ft.
Size: 30492 sq ft
Land Located in Blue Waters RLS #6:019
Residential For Sale
Blue Waters
$ 1,200,000
The parcel is located in the Bluewaters Community has an approximate land area of 1.035Acre/45,105 sq.ft.. The land has a gentle slope and quadrilateral in shape. 
Size: 45105 sq ft
Land Located on Nevis Street
Residential For Sale
Upper Nevis Street
$ 1,540,000
This property consists of two (2) parcels of land in St. John's. Combined these two (2) parcels total an approximate land area of 3,907sq. ft. 
Size: 3907 sq ft
Waterfront Land on the South Eastern Coast
Residential For Sale
East of Carlisle Bay
$ 2,025,000
This Beachlot parcel is approximately 5 Acres situated on the South Eastern Coast.
Size: 217800 sq ft